Someone has done something. You are so hurt. You are angry!

You can feel the tightness in your chest, the feeling that something is stuck in the top of your throat, the burning in your eyes, the edginess in your arms and feet - you want to do something, hit out, say som...

You may fake it well on the surface, but I know you worry about whether you know enough, whether you are good enough, whether you are special enough, whether what you have to offer is valuable enough?

I know you worry about how much better 'everyone else' does things.


Do you lack self-worth?

If you feel you do then, can you define or describe what that lack feels like?

(Stick with me... I've been there!)

What is this 'self-worth' you are missing?

Honestly, I want to know. (Please tell me in the comments below).

If you aren't sure then a...

So you think what you do with your life doesn't matter; it's your life so if you make a difference it's your choice, and if you do very little and simply live to exist and get through your life that's your choice too?

You know, that is true. It is your choice. However,...

Still waiting for your clients to show up?

They will when you do!

What do I mean by that?

Clients look for the brightest lights and then go rushing towards them.

If you're hiding out in the shadows and playing small they're not going to see you.

If you've got your dimmer...

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