I was a bit stunned recently listening to someone I know giving someone else an angry 'lecture' on how this person didn't seem to get the limitations she was under in terms of her job and those she worked for.

The truth was she was feeling trapped and angry by what she...

You are overwhelmed. I know.
Been there too. Many times.

Overwhelm comes in many forms.

  • We can be overwhelmed by all we have to do. How can we fit in all that is expected of us?

  • The amount of information around us is overwhelming. What's relevant?

  • The cho...

Do you have this feeling inside yourself of just not being satisfied, of being just not quite happy?

You know you're not performing at the level you should be, either personally or professionally.

Do you find yourself putting your time (and possibly your money too) in on...

Honestly, I'm comfortable. I like my life. Why should I step up a level? What about you? Is it time you stepped up? Or perhaps you're comfortable where you are?

The thing is, when it's time to level up you can either step up and take on the challenge, or you can try to...

You may fake it well on the surface, but I know you worry about whether you know enough, whether you are good enough, whether you are special enough, whether what you have to offer is valuable enough?

I know you worry about how much better 'everyone else' does things.


If you want to become masterful at getting what you want then you'll want to read this now.

The reason we often get stuck, or feel unable to manifest what we want, or become overwhelmed, or feel powerless, or get ourselves trapped in situations, or just never seem to...

We all have these big dreams about what we want and what we want to do, but honestly how many people really fulfil them?

You know why? Resistance.

Think WWII and what the French Resistance did fighting the German invasion. Yes, you have your own internal resistance fight...

Each of us have a calling within in us to express our uniqueness in this world, to do things our way, and yet most people I meet, at the very least, suppress this part of themselves in their effort to fit in and be liked.

The knock on effect is that we become less engag...

Sometimes don't you just wish someone would hand you a road map  that says "do this", "go there", "follow these guidelines and everything will work out for the best"?

A perfect road map that was completely personal to you, one that gave you the plan, allowed you to have...

Here's a quick reminder of the lessons I learned so far about getting unstuck.

Learning 1: Stop fighting it and accept whatever situation is keeping me stuck.

Learning 2: I already know what the next step is.

Learning 3: Get out of the rut before I fall in a trench!


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