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Life Lessons: How is Karma a Factor?

The Universe and everything in it loves balance. Look at the planets how they orbit around a sun through the balance of their gravitational pulls.

Our bodies are universes in themselves consistently striving for balance, aka health. The same with the Earth; when the ice caps melt, the water rises elsewhere.

Simplistically, Karma is a Sanskrit word referring to the way the intentions we put out into the world, either in this life time or another, come back to us.

If we harm another, we must receive harm in return in order for there to be a balance in the energies. It's not a punishment, just a balancing of energy and through us experiencing the experiences we have given others we hopefully learn to act more kindly in future.

It also holds true that if we act with love and kindness to another, we will receive that love and kindness back - not necessarily from the same person.

In your fingerprints the lesson(s) you are working on in this life time are mapped out.

If you don't know what is in your fingerprints then your lesson(s) is the thing that is the root cause of the challenges your encounter in your life, it's the area of understanding where you feel confused or blind, where you are uncomfortable.

For instance, with the life lesson of powerlessness, you may struggle to understand how powerfully you can come across, how overpowering your energy can be. You see and experience yourself as lacking influence, lacking power, lacking vision for yourself.

When on autopilot you act as if you are not powerful, and you may struggle to know what it is you really want because you're so busy living your life to please others, to meet their wants, you've forgotten how to feel or express your own desires; so when you do try it tends to come across all wrong and you get backlash from others.

You may struggle to understand what power is, you may struggle to grasp how to lead for yourself never mind others, and yet you're quite bright, possibly even charismatic and others expect you to be powerful, to lead.

Your struggles all relate to how you or others around you express power whether those are authority issues, playing the blame game, not taking responsibility, not knowing what you want, or similar scenarios.

You may give away your power because you feel you are unworthy, or maybe you want to keep the peace/ avoid conflict. You have your reasons but it is still giving away your power, allowing others to influence your life without taking a stand.

So how does karma play a role in your life lesson?

As we raise our vibration to one closer and closer to that of unconditional love, bliss and nirvana, the balancing effect on our intentions happens much faster, but sometimes we need to wait lifetimes to experience the effect of previous actions.

However, if you are here on this website reading this article you are probably already a fairly advanced soul who has lived many lifetimes, who has an inner knowing, an intuition, about The Law of Cause and Effect. Whether you have articulated it or not, it's likely you get that actions have consequences, and the effect of those consequences matter to you. You do not want to cause harm and you do your best to consider your actions before you take them.

So it is likely you'd experience the effects of your intentions (behind whatever actions you take) much sooner than someone who was not consciously aware of their place in the Universe. So getting stuck with a lesson for a whole life time? What's that about?

There are 3 aspects to it:

1. You have a skill you wish to improve upon, to master.

2. You are here to study that skill from the opposite perspective so you can bring creative new ways of utilising that skill to those who only utilise it in a traditional ways.

3. You are experiencing the opposite of that skill, in the form of your life lesson, in order to balance your karma.

Referring back to the previous example of powerlessness as a life lesson, it is likely that you abused your power in a previous life time and thus in this life time you put yourself in a position to learn more about the appropriate use of power.

But part of that learning will mean you will be stuck in your sense of powerlessness; you will feel trapped and overwhelmed. Helpless at times. Sometimes you just have to experience that stuckness, that sense of feeling trapped in order to pay back your karmic debt.

There is a little secret to it though... it is your choice to pay back this energetic debt, to re-balance the use of your energy from the past, so you can also choose to stop suffering, to acknowledge you have got the message. The lesson will remain in your fingerprints but you will move onto mastery of it much more quickly once you understand you are suffering because deep in your subconscious you believe you need to. Acknowledge that believe, release it. Forgive your past. Let the suffering in whatever form you've experienced go. Own the learning. Feel lighter. Accept the unconditional love that is yours. Love yourself. Smile. You may need to repeat that process whenever you feel the lesson come up again, until your deep sub-conscious gets the message. The key is maintaining your intention to forgive yourself and release the past. It's gone. You are free. Spread your wings with joy.


I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share the personal a-ha's this article has raised for you, and what you are going to do differently as a result, in the comments below.


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