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Ultimate Map

to Natural Success

The Online Programme that'll bring you back into alignment and put you back in charge of your happiness and your direction

Hi, I'm Helen, and I'd like to help you

without the struggle

The Ultimate Map to Your Natural Success

I don't believe in struggle long term. Struggle is usually caused by trying to do things in a way isn't right for you. Sometimes it's there to teach you something and the longer you're stuck in the struggle, the more indication it is that you are not understanding the message, and you're definitely not getting what you want.

Maybe you're stuck out of fear, habit, blindness, uncertainty or just plain stubbornness. Maybe you don't have enough time, money or whatever you think you need. Maybe there is some other reason... 
Whatever the cause,
it's slowing you down!

I want to teach you how to get out of your own way, to take action that is right for you personally and discover the path that will lead you to create success (whatever that means for you) much faster, with more ease and way less struggle!

Think about that. What do you think you need to be able to do that?

Here's what fully participating in this online programme will do for you...


  • It'll give you stronger SELF-BELIEF and confidence to step up into the best version of you

  • It will give you deeper CLARITY on what the right DIRECTION is for you

  • ​You'll know why you get stuck and what you can do to GET UNSTUCK


  • It'll show you what you need to do to GET MOTIVATED again

  • You'll understand how to STOP your SELF-SABOTAGE


  • ​You'll finally understand your life purpose 

  • You'll know why you are the way you are

  • You'll move on from your past because it'll make sense at last

  • You'll know what's missing and what to do to feel fulfilled & happy

Here are some of the things clients have said...

Jill Bennett

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Rosemary Cunningham

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Chrissy Bampton

Struggling to move forward? >

Deap Khambray

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Helen Reynolds

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Anne-Louise Harbutt

Want to be happy & fulfilled? >


Crossing a bridge from who you think you are to who you really are.

The content is very powerful and very personal, so this programme is not something you will want to participate in without fully committing to the process, to the content, to you.


This programme is about you discovering who you are beyond your DNA, who you are designed to be from both, a practical perspective (e.g. how your own subconscious operates) and, a spiritual perspective (e.g. your life purpose).

So yes, it is about giving you the ultimate map to who you really are and the actions you need to take to create the flow that will lead to your natural success.

(In my world success means happiness, contentment, fulfilment. If for you, success means making a ton of money or finding the love of your life or something similar, then yes, understanding and using Your Ultimate Map can help you become the person who brings that into your life faster and with less struggle.)


So if you're not ready to

  • step up and own your gifts and talents

  • own the patterns and habits that have been holding you back

  • take responsibility and become the leader in your own life

  • fully participate in creating the you, and the life, you want

then you are not ready for this programme. 



  • ​Fixing you (because you don't need it)

  • Your business or your work (not directly at any rate)

  • Instantaneous results and short-term impact (it's about what lasts)

  • Me and how fabulous I am (I am, of course, but this programme is actually all about you, specifically you!)

Linda Anderson

Want long term impact? >

Carole Bozkurt

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Yes, if ...

I get that you've done a lot of growing already so may wonder if this course can really add any greater value, but it's the progress you've already made that will allow you to really appreciate the power in the knowledge this course will give you about who your are and who you are designed to be, beyond your DNA.

The self-development you've done so far has probably been precipitated by pain or challenges you've encountered, but so much of that growth has been based on insights here and there with no real clarity about where to focus your energies to make the biggest impact on your happiness, sense of fulfilment and the life you want.

What this course will give you is a blueprint, a plan, a guidebook (what I call the Ultimate Map) to who you are and where you need to focus your attention, and what you can let go of trying to "fix", to step into your brilliance, your joy, your best self and thus create what you want without struggle.

You are savvy enough to know that this course won't solve your problems for you, but it will give you the insight and profound self-knowledge to resolve them more quickly and with less pain than it might otherwise take.

And yes, you can take this knowledge and apply it to your work, your relationships and your business too, but this particular programme is not designed to specifically address any of these issues.

This programme is the foundation of a system, unique to you, that'll bring you back into conscious alignment, helping you make more powerful, personally aligned choices from the beginning that'll lead to you getting what you want more quickly and with less struggle.

No, if...

  • x


Karen Williams

Want to make a bigger impact? >

Michelle Murray

Made poor investments before? >

This online programme is for you if you want genuine clarity about...

who you are, who you are designed to be

what your innate strengths and talents are

how and why you trip yourself up and how you can stop doing that.

This course is for you if you know deep down

you know you have so much more to give, and
regardless of the knows you may have had to your confidence, 
you know you are here to make an impact on the world.

You may be a coach, trainer, mentor, speaker, creative, therapist, entrepreneur or simply looking for your purpose, the thing that'll light you up and give your life the meaning that you seek.

Until now the only way for me to help you, was in person, either one to one or in a workshop, but it's time I made what I know available to you too...