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Business with Soul

I'm Helen Elizabeth Evans and I work with leaders in the making who are tired of the cookie cutter approach and want a profitable, fulfilling business that's perfectly aligned with who they are.

Discover your soul purpose and the ideal path for you with scientific hand and fingerprint analysis.

Get clear focus and direction that's uniquely yours, and the strength, courage and certainty to embrace your brilliance & step into your leadership




A key tool in my work with you is Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analysis, so here is a video to explain a little more about how it works.



Free Content

There are many reasons why you may not want to work with me directly yet, but that doesn't mean you can't begin to get on the path that's right for you.

Here's how:


That's where you'll find me sharing information when I feel inspired to do so, that will help you take the first steps to find your ideal path to more clarity, focus and direction, more meaning, more success with ease, more happiness and more integrity.

The focus will always be on bringing you into alignment with who you were always designed to be, preparing you to recognise your brilliance and step into your leadership.

The Map In Your Hands

Yes, this is where you get to experience the power of scientific hand and fingerprint analysis. 

Discover the map in your hands, how your brain works most effectively, and so much more! (Not sure how your hands and brain connect? Watch The Map in Your Hands video above.) 

Please do read the client feedback to the "mind blowing" nature of what your hands reveal.

Ways to experience this are

  • 1:1 sessions

  • Group workshops

  • Online workshop
    (Coming soon!)

You can find out more by watching the video here where a client talks about her experience and answers many questions you may have about it too.

If you really feel called to find out more now, then book in a quick chat with me here.

Step Into Your Brilliance

This is programme requires an application process and interview before acceptance.

This is a programme for business owners ready to step into their leadership, and work with me one to one over 6 months to get the bespoke support they want to 

  • get their business aligned with their purpose and values

  • step into a bigger, bolder vision of their brilliant self

  • get clear on the message they can share with integrity

so they can

  • feel more confident and freer

  • become magnetic leaders

  • communicate more easily and with the impact they want

  • make a bigger difference

  • make the right choices more easily

  • save time, money and energy

  • do more of what makes them feel alive and laugh more!

If you want to know more,
book in a quick chat with me


Yvette Taylor

Creator of EAM The Energy Alignment Method®

Spiritual Success Coach & Mentor

Working with Helen Elizabeth Evans gave me the strength, courage and certainty to step into my vision and do the work I am now doing very successfully.
After just a day with her, I changed my work, my life and business focus. I now have a template I use to make my decisions for my life and business, guiding me in the right direction for me AND I no longer spend time doing things in my business that just don't serve me (or my clients). Pure genius!

Jane-Emma Peerless

Director of People at Caxton FX

Helen Elizabeth is simply brilliant.
In an impossibly short space of time, she articulated to the core, our strengths, weaknesses, challenges and unique gifts.
I would recommend her to every woman out there who needs intelligent and insightful information about what will make them truly happy and successful.

Janey Lee Grace

BBC Radio 2 Host,  

UK's No. 1 Brand Ambassador for Heart-Centred Businesses and  

#1 Best Selling Author much of the consultation rang true. I was in tears by the end of the session, as a result of the sheer relief of Helen tapping into exactly what I needed right now, which is to refocus my life.


I feel I've been encouraged to the point where I'm now determined to do the best job I can at the work I'm born to do. As well as helping me to pick out what's really important Helen has helped me to be a bit kinder to myself by seeing that feeling out of sync sometimes is all part of my journey.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by life I'm now brimming with a sense of purpose.


See Janey's full article here.

Suzy Greaves

Editor of "Psychologies" Magazine & 


Author of "The Big Peace"

I find Helen’s work absolutely fascinating.


I was quite sceptical at first but then the insights she gave me were astounding.


In fact, two years on, I still have my vision board, inspired by her analysis, pinned to my office wall!

Carole Bozkurt
5 Figure Business Coach at The Blueprint Practice &
Creator of the Rich, Hot & Spiritual Network

Helen is fabulous! I don't think I have learnt so much about myself and my clients in years - worth every penny and every minute of my time.


It's a must if you are a savvy business woman who wants to take the next step. You get fantastic insights for your business as well as your life.

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If you are here then I know something is calling you within, saying that you know there is more to you, more to life, more to what you can offer.


You are aware that something is 'off' or 'missing', as if you've lost a part of yourself or haven't quite found your right 'thing' yet.


If you would allow me, I can help you tap into your unique brilliance and put you, your life and business on a personal path you absolutely love.

You're smarter and way more brilliant than you think.

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Your Map

Sue Donnelly

International Image Coach, Speaker & Trainer, Author, UK Magazine Stylist

Helen is a pioneer, the first in her field to do this type of work here in the UK.
I was looking forward to working with her but was truly awed by the results. She really knows her craft and is expertly articulate and deftly questioning so you, the client, can put what she has discovered back into your own life to move forward with clarity.
It has made a huge difference to the way I see my life as I now totally understand my purpose and passions but also clearly understand what happens when I become overwhelmed or out of focus (and why). To have this kind of insight is hugely reassuring and enabling.
I would recommend Helen to anyone who seeks clarity about their future life in terms of employment, recognising their unique skills and talents, their 'shadow' side and if that's not important, then just for personal development.
It was honestly one of the most insightful days I have ever spent.


As someone who is committed to making a difference either in the world or in your own life, it's likely you've tried loads of different things to understand yourself, find your right path, understand your life purpose or discover how you can find your flow and be more successful, more easily. 

If you'd found the answers you seek you wouldn't be here...

What's different about what I do is not just my own gifts and talents, but the tool I use to understand who you are designed to be, beyond your DNA, is completely objective. In other words it doesn't matter what mood you're in, how good or bad you're feeling, the information it gives is always the same, because it is part of you, it's part of your physical body.

Yes, it's in your hands and fingerprints!
I can understand you may be skeptical. I was. 
My recommendation is that you start by reading the various comments from my clients - they are spread throughout this website.

And below is a video I recorded with a client directly after a half day 1:1 analysis...



Rachel shares about her experience directly after having had her fingerprints analysed, and answers frequently asked questions too!



 Let's talk...

 over the phone or online

Mailing Address:
76, London W3 7TW

United Kingdom





Join me on the Hands-on-Business Facebook page to find out more.
(Check-out the videos for my thoughts and to learn about your hands.)

Would you like me to stay in touch?
Enter your first name and main email address below, and I'll email you occasionally with things like where and how you can access me sharing my knowledge (livestream, blog etc) or offering a way for you to work with me. 
I will never share your information with anyone else and you can unsubscribe from my emails any time. Check my privacy policy here.
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