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Hi, I'm Helen Elizabeth Evans and I like to do things my own way, because I've learned over the years that trying to follow someone else, fit it or meet expectations just doesn't work for me, my purpose, my business, my happiness or in my efforts to make my difference.

I now help you see how you are uniquely gifted with the right personality you need to make the impact you want to make. All you need is to recognise your innate brilliance (we often have a diminished view of ourselves), create a clear vision that's motivated by a purpose then develop the strategies that give you the courage and confidence to take action, and keep taking action, on it, your way.

The Highlights

Helen Elizabeth Evans works with conscious business owners, often leaders in the making,
who want a thriving business, doing things their own way.

She helps them get the clarity they need about what the right direction is for them,
what their unique brilliance is and the value in it, and how they can
stand-out from the crowd in a way that feels comfortable for them.

  • Do work they love and that they are naturally brilliant at

  • Understand who they really are and what their life purpose is

  • Make a noticeable difference in their personal and professional lives

  • Find a lasting personally-focused solution to overcome getting stuck or playing small

  • Be a good provider and have a secure future

  • Feel inspired and enjoy their lives!

She does this by helping them to:

  • Discover their life purpose once and for all using a unique powerful and objective tool she introduced to the UK in 2010 and for which she is known as the UK expert on - see Heart of Your Purpose

  • Design their business to fit them, express their purpose, desires, unique interests and skills, while ensuring it is practical and will bring them the income they want - see Step Into Your Brilliance.

She combines deep Celtic intuition, African pragmatism and business acumen to inspire you to step out into the world, fully confident in who you are, where you belong and what you are here to do.

Having been raised in the African bushveld and cared for by a Swazi witchdoctor in her early years, Helen tends to think differently, so the restrictions of working in a corporate career in London, however successful, eventually drove her to set up own business in 1996. 4 businesses later, one failure and 3 successes, Helen is now working in her own purpose-inspired business, combining the unlikely combination of practical business know-how, free-hand business design maps and scientific hand and fingerprint analysis. Helen is the creator of the Natural Brand system.

Helen has appeared on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and has been featured in a number of publications including The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, Woman magazine, The Times of India, Spirit & Destiny and Soul & Spirit.


Helen is an engaging speaker. Her humour, down-to-earth approach and genuine caring style ensure her talks and trainings are powerful and always well-received.

Step Into Your Natural Brilliance

One of my gifts is to be able to see into the heart of a matter, to be able to see beyond the facade to what really lies beneath. This may make you feel uncomfortable if you see yourself as a lesser version of who you really are and think I'll see that you when I look deeper, but I don't see that made up version of you that seems  to give you  permission to hide out, what I actually see is your brilliance, and so I help you shed the dross and step into a bigger vision of you and your life.

Shay Allie

Helen is a very gifted, caring & insightful woman, whose session was one of the most powerful I've had.  
It taught me things that deep down I know to be true, but am even afraid to admit to myself at times.  

It was very powerful to have someone see those things and to encourage me to embrace the rest of my life in the direction that I should be taking

Helen is also very friendly & approachable.  As well as her insightful talents, she has a genuine care & affection for her clients & I'd thoroughly recommend her.
Shay has since gone on to become a stage-style coach, co-found the Inspire'd Stage & Inspire'd Perspective, train as an international mediator and become a mediation trainer.

To Get Unstuck, Release Your Brake

Getting stuck has been a theme in my life (if you want more details check out these blogs), and I've learned that the more I resist taking the action I know is right for me, the more I need to 'know', get it 'right', fix myself, do what I 'should' do, or whatever other form my resistance takes, the more stuck, exhausted, stressed or overwhelmed I get.

I now know, labelling yourself, e.g. 'shy' or 'a bad communicator' or 'introverted', will get you stuck.

Your Personal Traits Are Your Tools Not You

Every aspect of our personality is simply an aspect, not all of who we are, including super-sensitivity and stubbornness; we just need to learn when it's helpful to use which aspect.

Fitting in Gets You Stuck

Consciously choosing to conform short-term is okay, but making it a habit leads to depression.

The problem with feeling stuck, or that you don't know what to do, or overwhelmed, or powerless, or bored, or in a rut, or simply uninspired, is that it is so easy to slip deeper and deeper into inertia, until it leads to depression (aka feeling powerless), a sense of worthlessness and a lack of self-respect. It's harder to change things when you feel like that (but still possible!)

Confidence After Action

Confidence comes after you act, not before. It comes with experience. You need courage to act, not confidence.


Short-term stuckness isn't a bad thing, it is part of life, a time for reflection and re-assessment, however, when you find yourself slipping deeper into it then it's time to act.

​​To Act, Stop Thinking

You cannot do both at the same time.

You are not actually stuck, overwhelmed, trapped or in a rut. You just think you are. Trying to do everything alone doesn't help. Ask for help.

Share the Tough Stuff

We all need someone to share our problems with, to listen and feedback so we can make better choices.

​​​Success Requires Others

Whatever you want in life you will need others to help you get it, whether it's to buy your products or teach you something or introduce you to someone or simply to encourage you... and the more people who help you the easier your success will come.

Sara Lyndley


I met Helen Elizabeth Evans in 2011. At that time I was stuck in overwhelm and at such a crossroads with my life. I was in a muddle and just didn't know what road to take in both my personal life and my career.
I’m so glad I booked a session with Helen. She was able to help me understand my life lessons and my purpose, and unravel so many things holding me back. I was blown away by her knowledge and expertise. I felt safe and understood. My God, so much made so much sense.
I can't recommend Helen enough if you are STUCK in any areas of your LIFE Helen has the answers. I’m very grateful to Helen, and she is a wonderful, authentic person.
Sarah has since gone on to become a Raw Food Coach & Teacher, and Therapy Counsellor. She has also met and married a man as lovely as she is.
It is one thing to know your life purpose, but how does that help you in your business and everyday life?

Helen helped me see what stops me in my life and business and with her keen insight I have been able to eliminate my blocks and now know how to overcome them in the future.

Helen used a combination of her tools, innate skills and intuition to help me understand how the separate elements of my life purpose benefit me and how best I can use them for my highest good.
Life changing, motivating, name it.

My work with Helen clarified so many things I was struggling with and set me on a new life path. I love her!

Sharon Hess
The Money Healer

What Drives Me

The thing that gets me out of bed, that forces me to snap out of my 'woe is me' moments and find the courage to take the next step, is a deep held believe in my purpose, my commitment to sharing the gifts I was born with and the experience I have gained, to help others.

I've discovered I am passionate about purpose and business. Who knew! Certainly not me. But what I've discovered is that even though I may not use the word 'business' those are the conversations that get me all fired up. I love how business has this natural give and receive element to it, that it can shift and change to meet the needs of the people involved and the needs of the ever shifting modern economy - when your business is small enough it's super flexible! Running my own businesses has given me freedom and independence, not just the obvious type but also from myself - it has been a better, more grounded personal growth tool than anything else I've tried; plus I've found it a perfect vehicle to express my purpose, the part of me that gives my life focus, that matters to me.

And what matters to me is you, making a difference in your life and helping you make the difference that matters to you so you can live your purpose too. If I can't do that then I may as well just stay in bed...

On a personal level my family matter to me enormously, and knowing my kids will copy my behaviour not what I say they should do, I want to be an example to my kids. I want them to treat themselves with self-respect, value who they are and what they have to share in this world, so I focus on behaving that way as much as I can. Like me, they're pretty sensitive and being that way can get you stuck, making life very unhappy and self-focused. I've learned sensitivity is a gift, and like all our gifts, it's not meant to be applied to everything but to be brought out when it will be most helpful, and so teaching them how to work with their gifts in a positive, productive way is important to me too.

I'm incredibly visual. My memory is mostly visual. I make sense of information by 'drawing' it. So, of course, here are some 'visuals' of the things I love and enjoy, and each one includes a mini explanation. (For more detail and bigger pics click an image).

An African Beginning

My journey to the grounded, direct but heart-driven person I am today, began in rural Swaziland, the second smallest country in Africa.


The Swazi's are relaxed, warm-hearted people and I was lucky to have a Swazi sangoma (healer/ good withdoctor) as my "manny" for the first 5 years of my life. My mother is sure it's the reason I think very differently!


I, on the other hand, am sure he started me on my path to being a healer of a different kind; someone who helps you shed the unnecessary, let go of the unhelpful and accept your natural brilliance

This is King Sobhuza II, king of Swaziland while I lived there. A remarkable man, educated in England but lived a traditional, simple life at home. His 6th sense reportedly saved his life and those around him on many occasions.

What I love about working with Helen is the way she says it like it is, upfront and matter-of-fact, but in such a way that I feel nurtured and empowered at the same time.
The difference between Helen and most healers is that she is also very pragmatic. She can take theoretical ideas into a place and space beyond the mumbo jumbo to make them real and usable.

Sharon Hess
Transformative Business Mentor & Money Intuitive

Get REAL about Your Life Purpose

Having grown up in rural Africa I'm always looking for the grounded, practical elements to anything I'm learning or sharing; and I remember what it felt like to stand still and quiet in the bush and feel a slow, rhythmic beat of the Earth under my feet (Yes, city dweller, our Earth has a deep reassuring, resonance that can actually be felt, even by the 'Get Real' types like me), so finding the heart, the inherent beat or reason for something being is essential for me as it provides clarity, surety, and dictates it's relevance. The combination of that type of relevance and practicality is what I mean by 'get real'.

There is so much fluff around the concept of life purpose. In my search for my life's purpose I've encountered many people who help you find your life purpose, whether it's practical analysis through questions, intuitive guidance, clairvoyance or anything in between. The problem I've always had with those processes is that they are subjective, which means they usually change according to where you are in your life or who is helping you "find" your life purpose, and thus are not the best option in this context. What I have discovered is a way to uncover your Life Purpose objectively and integrate it into your life in a heart-led, practical way. (More about this later, I promise!)

Sue Donnelly

International Image Professional & Trainer, Author, Speaker &  UK Magazine Stylist

Helen is a pioneer, the first in her field to do this type of work here in the UK.
I was looking forward to working with her but was truly awed by the results. She really knows her craft and is expertly articulate and deftly questioning so you, the client, can put what she has discovered back into your own life to move forward with clarity.
It has made a huge difference to the way I see my life as I now totally understand my purpose and passions but also clearly understand what happens when I become overwhelmed or out of focus (and why).
To have this kind of insight is hugely reassuring and enabling.
I would recommend Helen to anyone who seeks clarity about their future life in terms of employment, recognising their unique skills and talents, their 'shadow' side and if that's not important, then just for personal development.
It was honestly one of the most insightful days I have ever spent.
Helen is not only a fantastic person - highly intuitive AND extremely practical at the same time (A Winning Combination!) - but her analysis really is spot-on!
I've referred to mine many times, over the years, and it's unerringly accurate -- an infallible compass to guide you back to who you are and just what exactly it is that you need to know at that particular time of your life.
I cannot recommend a session with her highly enough.
Claire is now also the author and screen-writer of "I Draw Roses", soon to be made into a movie.

Claire Elizabeth Terry
Creator & Editor of "The Art of Living"

(Practical guidance from famous individuals, incl. presidents, business moguls, writers & spiritual teachers), author, Screenwriter and
Creator of the Rocaberti Castle Writers Retreat

Key Lessons They Didn't Try to Teach Me

Boarding school in apartheid South Africa, from the age of 8, away from home for months at a time, parents who survived the 2nd World War then independently sought new lives in a foreign world - a reserved, methodist, repressed artist, Welsh mother (a teacher), and a sport-mad, passionate, big personality, English father (an accountant) - plus 3 much older, strong-minded siblings was a recipe for power struggles, never-quite-good-enough and control issues... thinking about it now makes me laugh!

​Seek the Laughter

Life can be a serious business, but taking life too seriously all the time can bog you down. Seek the laughter.

Find the Gifts

We can't choose what happens to us but we can choose how we allow it to affect us. Choose to see the gifts in your circumstances and experiences, no matter how dire.

Resilience is Strength

Toughening up isn't about being hard, it's about resilience while remaining true to yourself.

Lead with Compassion

Authoritarian style leadership doesn't bring out the best in anyone, and creates stress for all involved.

From Perfect Job to Imperfect Business

When I was six I decided I was only meant to grow up in Africa but I needed to be in Europe. It was a decision that stayed with me. So after studying information technology and systems analysis for 3 years because it was a 'sensible' choice, and having my plans to become an architect scuppered, I found my courage and finally moved to London.

Moving from a world I knew well, to one where I didn't even know which was the best washing powder to buy, never mind anything else, was a big time 'growth opportunity'. Being an immigrant forced me to live way outside my comfort zone for a long time...

From a start behind the scenes in the movie industry (Cannon/Pathe), my passion for customer service (aka customer respect in my world!) resulted in me creating and heading up the first customer service department for the MGM International Cinema Group. I loved this job as not only did it involve designing the company's customer respect policy and having a team under me but it also meant I travelled around all 125 cinemas training the staff.

From MGM to Virgin where I was (still heading up customer services and front of house staff training) part of the management team launching their cinema multiplexes. That was huge fun (Richard Branson sure knows how to make a splash), and it was a big learning curve around stepping outside what we knew and educating customers to embrace a new way of cinema going at a different price level than they expected.

From that "perfect" job I made the mistake of trying to get serious about my career as opposed to allowing myself to be led from opportunity to opportunity (something that has always worked well for me), and decided to combine my computer systems training and cinema experience working for another company. What a disaster!

The stress of working for an operaton that had ethically challenged values resulted in me developing physical fits. (Laughing about it now, I realise my subconscious was 'having a fit' about being in that environment!). The result was I had to stop working altogether. It took some years to figure out the problem (a food allergy exacerbated by the stress), but not being one to sit still I became self-employed temporarily. That was in 1996. I'm still 'self-employed' 20 years and 4 businesses later!

From that "perfect" job I made the mistake of trying to get serious about my career as opposed to allowing myself to be led from opportunity to opportunity (something that has always worked well for me), and decided to combine my computer systems training and cinema experience working for another company. What a disaster!

The stress of working for an operaton that had ethically challenged values resulted in me developing physical fits. (Laughing about it now, I realise my subconscious was 'having a fit' about being in that environment!). The result was I had to stop working altogether. It took some years to figure out the problem (a food allergy exacerbated by the stress), but not being one to sit still I became self-employed temporarily. That was in 1996. I'm still 'self-employed' 20 years and 4 businesses later!

Finally Going For My Purpose

My journey with self-employment has been an imperfect one, from an early partnership with a friend that ruined our friendship, to a business I enjoyed (importing hand-made French cherrywood furniture for 6 years) but had too many challenges to making a profit, to another business (property services for 17 years) that made great money but sucked the soul out of me

Since I first started thinking about the work I wanted to do in this world I've always wanted to find my purpose, find that one thing that would give my life direction and give me a sense of fulfilment and meaning. I wanted the energy I expended to make an impact, a real difference in the world but I couldn't imagine what that difference would be.


Plus, once my kids came along, the financial rewards were important for us so I became the prisoner of my own financial success. But... I wasn't happy. I was always busy with work, so never able to be the present parent I wanted to be. I was generally irritable. I felt like I was on a treadmill I couldn't get off. I remember putting yet more the laundry in the washing machine one day and thinking "Why didn't anyone ever tell me that grown-up life was so repetitive and hum drum?

Thankfully, there was a part of me that didn't believe life was meant to be like that, and the feeling just wouldn't go away. However, it took a major shock for me to stop focusing on the lack of choice in my life and take action!

One of my strategies for coping with challenges that come up is to always seek the gift or benefit in the situation, but there is no gift in someone's death! Melanie was 41, just less than a year older than me, a friend and family member with 7 and 10 year old children. Her death on 28 March 2008 was a massive shock and wake-up call for me. It gave me a perspective I hadn't been looking at before. Life can be short. Stop wasting time with excuses. 


To honour Melanie, an incredibly kind and loving person who had devoted her life to helping others (she was a doctor), I decided to honour her by finally committing to myself, to my purpose, to accepting my gifts and sharing them with those who wanted my help.

And from that decision, my life began to change.

Embracing the 'Crazy'

Very soon after my commitmment to myself and seeking my life purpose I discovered Scientific Hand Analysis, or more specifically fingerprint analysis. The accuracy and truth of the map in my fingerprints blew me away. I just knew I had to learn this system and bring it to the UK. All these years later it's impact still excites and thrills me.

However, it's not exactly mainstream stuff and when I decided to commit to studying it in depth with a view to creating a new business around it, my family and friends got that wide-eyed "Are you Nuts?" look on their faces. What they meant was "Like us, you're practical, down-to-earth and straight talking... and no one wants to buy that mumbo jumbo nonsense." (not my word - theirs!). I had to be incredibly committed, and trust myself, to go ahead in the face of the opposition around me, although, to be honest, my sane side was questioning me too!

But as soon as I was able to share my new skill with others around me I knew I'd done the right thing. Even with limited experience I got the most incredible feedback:

Wow! Really, I mean it, Helen… You have a real talent you know… Your report shook my heart - it felt like the dark place of my soul saying 'Wake up, girl!' I hope I can!

Tara Turner

Now my family and friends go about telling everyone how amazing I am and how my success was their idea! I love how much that makes me laugh. Being a leader often requires embracing the 'crazy' and creating a new path for others to follow, so don't let them hold you back. Go for it!

And so began StepIntoYourLight, a business aimed specifically at helping my clients discover who they really are and find their life purpose, combining the skills from  my Certification in Scientific Hand Analysis with my training as a Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I knew I was making a difference when this incredibly generous stranger wrote on my Facebook timeline:

Helen Elizabeth Evans you CHANGE LIVES! I can't count the number of people who have told me in recent months (the last 2-3 months) who have told me that a session with you has rocked their world, put them firmly on their path, and opened up doors they had only heard whisperings of before... YOU are an amazing human being, and you make a real difference! (Just wanted to say that!)

Kate Gerry

Kate's comment also happened to respond to those "Are you nuts?" early naysayers rather well I thought...


This was only the beginning though. My work has evolved with the needs and requests of my clients to include sharing of my business expertise and creativity. I love that at last I'm getting to combine both my logical, pragmatic brain and my intuitive, idealistic heart to create amazing transformation and results for my clients. The rest of this website is devoted to this work I am now relishing, and you'll find direct client feedback throughout.


Making a difference to you makes a difference to me!

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