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You know what you do is amazing, but let's be honest, 'selling' yourself and the work you do can feel uncomfortable.


You'd love it if someone else not only featured you and your brilliance, but could get across the value of what you do in a really genuine, natural way.

I can help you with that!

The way it works is that I interview you and then not only share your interview on my own social media channels but I then give you the interview to put up on your own website where you can use it as a genuine, natural sales tool.

Okay, so why use me?

I am passionate about being your champion. I care! It's not about me, it's about you. It matters to me that you shine.

I am so tired of seeing amazing people like you doing amazing work but just not being understood in terms of the real difference you can make to those you work with, so I am on a mission to make your message and your value clear to those people who need what you do!

What I am known for is my ability to ask questions that get to the heart of who you are and what you are about, to understand what makes you special and unique. Sometimes those questions come from my love of digging and delving, finding the gold nuggets in what you share, and other times my questions are intuitively guided.

I also know that what makes people connect with you isn't your offer, the features or even benefits of your offer, it's you, the essence of who you are and what you stand for. They need to feel you understand them, that you're their kind of person. They also need to believe that you can help them get the outcome you say you deliver and the key to helping them understand that is stories, so I help you bring out the stories that will help your listeners really get the transformation working with you can offer them.

But most of all I give you the warm, supported space to release your passion and let it shine through.

Here is what Cathy Ballard had to say about why you will want me to interview you:

Here's the example of the live interview I did with Cathy that she can now use on her website, YouTube channel, Facebook business page, LinkedIn profile and so on.

In summary, Cathy says


Helen was able to really understand where you are coming from, clarify points from her audience by breaking it down in to really simple things, drawing out stories and examples form her clients to illustrate points I was making and message that will help/ inspire others.


so curious, knows exactly type questions to ask to draw out clarity even with concepts she doesn't understand.

Bridge between expert and listener.

intuitive way of asking right questions.

Create a rounded, interesting, really fascinating experience. Really feel how much she cares about listeners and interviewee. Your brilliance is show cased and listener gets most value from time giving in to listening to interview.

Talked from flow. Very loose outline. Super engaging, natural conversation.

While talking about what you want to get across, she is really good at putting across what will make biggest difference for others, where you can be contacted, things you have coming up. She's great at focusing on what you have to offer and then fill in the gaps. You can focus on the value of what you are really good at while she focuses on what you offer. Awesome at drawing out your brilliance and offers.

I draw out the features and benefits in what you are promoting so you don't need to sell; all you need to do is to clarify and educate the listeners based on my questions.


You can use this interview as a sales tool or you can listen back and hear yourself, pinpoint your essence from an objective perspective, and thus give yourself the clarity you need to make the value in your offers really clear in your own videos, sales pages and emails.

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