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Discover The Secret to Attracting Clients Who Love What You Do
& How You Do It


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Here is a situation I see way too often... Do you recognise it?

​Your ideal clients know you, they may even like you, so why aren't they buying from you?


You may have plenty of work but serving the clients you do have feels like hard work; it's draining!


Perhaps a few clients you love do buy from you, but in truth you just aren't attracting enough of those clients who love you and the work you do, the ones who leave you inspired and smilingly satisfied after working with them.

If this is you, then you may not realise it, but what you're putting out to your potential clients isn't being understood the way you want it to be.


In fact, the people you'd like as your clients see too many differences between your marketing, what you are like as a person, how you work with your clients and what people say when you're not in the room.

Here's a real world example of how a personal stylist got making a sale so wrong...

When Lindy met Sharon...

At a recent networking event Lindy met Sharon, a beautifully dressed young woman who turned out to be a stylist helping professional women look their best. When Lindy asked for Sharon's card it was equally beautiful as was her website. Lindy was impressed.


She called Sharon to suggest they meet up for a coffee (she was 90% of the way to engaging Sharon's services)... When they met up, Sharon was a little late and immediately launched into sharing her stressed, upside-down life with Lindy; she was a struggling single-mother and life was one challenge after another... Lindy could not leave fast enough!

Perhaps Sharon thought Lindy was calling for a friendly meetup and went into 'best buddy' mode without a thought... but it doesn't matter why Lindy asked to meet up; even if it was to develop a connection or friendship, how could Lindy recommend Sharon to others when there was such a significant mis-match between the smart, professional and elegant image she presented when networking and her prefered personal style of behaviour? Oops!

If Sharon understood her Natural Brand, she could comfortably be herself and attract clients who loved her amazing skills, but who also loved her and how she delivered her expertise.


So what do I mean by Natural Brand?

  • It's your natural approach when delivering your expertise, the way that feels completely normal to you to the extent you don't think about it.  In Sharon's case she is probably really open, friendly and unreserved. 

  • It's what you naturally help your clients experience when they work with you. I imagine Sharon wouldd help them feel comfortable and accepted. 

  • It's how you naturally support your clients. Perhaps Sharon is reassuring and warm, tending to guide them rather than expect them to make their own choices for her critique.

  • It's the style of problem solving you excel at without having to try.  Sharon's visual and great at figuring out unusual combinations that look great and flatter her clients' figures.

  • It's the added value, beyond your skills, that your clients get from working with you. So aside from Sharon's skills at finding amazing outfits for her clients, she does it in a way that makes them feel loved and taken care of.

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