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In Just a Day Discover The Secret to
Clients Who Love You
and Love What You Do

You've figured out doing business the way others say you should doesn't work for you.

You care about your work and those you help, but you're not making the impact you want to make.

"Helen is a pioneer, the first in her field to do this type of work here in the UK. I was looking forward to working with her but truly awed by the results. She really knows her craft and is expertly articulate and deftly questionning so you, the client, can put what she has discovered back into your own life to move forward with clarity. It has made a huge difference to the way I experience my life and my work." - Sue Donnelly, Author, International Speaker, Trainer & Image Consultant.

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Here is a situation I see way too often... Do you recognise it?

​Your ideal clients know you, they may even like you, so why aren't they buying from you?

You may have plenty of work but serving the clients you do have feels like hard work; it's draining!

Perhaps a few clients you love do buy from you, but in truth you just aren't attracting enough of those clients who love you and the work you do, the ones who leave you inspired and smilingly satisfied after working with them.

If this is you, then you may not realise it, but what you're putting out to your potential clients isn't being understood the way you want it to be. In fact, the people you'd like as your clients see too many differences between your marketing, what you are like as a person, how you work with your clients and what people say when you're not in the room.

Here's a real world example of how a personal stylist got making a sale so wrong...

When Lindy met Sharon...

At a recent networking event Lindy met Sharon, a beautifully dressed young woman who turned out to be a stylist helping professional women look their best. When Lindy asked for Sharon's card it was equally beautiful as was her website. Lindy was impressed.


She called Sharon to suggest they meet up for a coffee (she was 90% of the way to engaging Sharon's services)... When they met up, Sharon was a little late and immediately launched into sharing her stressed, upside-down life with Lindy; she was a struggling single-mother and life was one challenge after another... Lindy could not leave fast enough!

Perhaps Sharon thought Lindy was calling for a friendly meetup and went into 'best buddy' mode without a thought... but it doesn't matter why Lindy asked to meet up; even if it was to develop a connection or friendship, how could Lindy recommend Sharon to others when there was such a significant mis-match between the smart, professional and elegant image she presented when networking and her prefered personal style of behaviour? Oops!

If Sharon understood her Natural Brand, she could comfortably be herself and attract clients who loved her amazing skills, but who also loved her and how she delivered her expertise.

If you're wondering what I mean by her 'Natural Brand', it is

  • her natural approach when delivering her expertise, the way that feels completely normal to her to the extent she doesn't think about it.  In her case she is probably really open, friendly and unreserved. 

  • what she naturally helps her clients experience when they work with her. I imagine she'd help them feel comfortable and accepted. 

  • how she naturally supports her clients. Perhaps she is reassuring and warm, tending to guide them rather than expect them to make their own choices for her critique.

  • the style of problem solving she excels at without having to try.  She's visual and great a figuring out successful but unusual combinations that flatter her clients' figures.

  • the added value, beyond her skills, that her clients get from working with her. So aside from her skills at finding amazing outfits for her clients, she does it in a way that makes them feel loved and taken care of.

What difference would that kind of CLARITY about yourself make?

You could be really clear and consistent about how you show up in person in social gatherings and when you are out representing your business

You could check each piece of marketing you do against your Natural Brand, ensuring a consistent and congruent message that reflects who you are authentically and what you do naturally

You could set clear expectations for your clients that you will meet effortlessly and thus what they will share with others about you will be consistent with what you promise.

And that would create TRUST with your clients, ensuring
they feel safe about investing their time and money with you!

So how can you simply and easily, step back from yourself and the work you do to objectively understand your Natural Brand?

How can you put together a simple checklist that will help you consistently match up your marketing, delivery and personal style?

Join me at the "Discover Your Natural Brand Workshop" where we will use your fingerprints to objectively and accurately save you the months of analysis and research getting this information would normally require.

You know how your thumbprint is used to identify you at border control? Well, each of your fingerprints are completely unique (even if you are an identical twin) and they are also a way to clarify so much more about you, including all the information in your Natural Brand!

Fingerprints? Really?... Yes, but don't take my word for it

"I find Helen's work absolutely fascinating. I was quite sceptical at first but then the insights she gave me were astounding. In fact, two years on, I still have my vision board, inspired by her analysis, pinned to my office wall!"

Suzy Greaves

Editor of "Psychologies" magazine & author of "The Big Peace"

"Helen's analysis really *is* spot-on! I've referred to mine many times over the years and it is unerringly accurate - an infallible compass to guide you back to who you are and just what exactly it is that you need to know. I cannot recommend Helen Elizabeth Evans enough!! Not only does she have 100% integrity and know her stuff... but it *works*!! Yes, it really works in the "real" world! It's highly practical."

Claire Terry

Editor of "The Art of Living",  Author & Screenwriter

"Having a passion for personal development and personal branding means I love learning ways to help people discover their true, authentic selves. Helen's workshop delivered very accurate information about me and my Natural Brand. It has given me a boost in my self-belief and confidence, as well as a template from which to guide my choices."

Cathy Ballard

Business Mentor specialising in Flow, Alignment & Personal Brand

So it's accurate, and an objective analysis of who you are, but why is that important?

You are your business. Your business is built around you.


Your business is the result of the actions you take each and every moment of the day, and thus what causes you to decide to act one way or another, or not to act at all, significantly impacts the success, or not, of your business.

When you are not clear on what others value about you, or the work you do, you won't market yourself accurately; and no, the things you would describe as your strengths, are rarely what others value about you!

​Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • You keep seeking advice outside yourself,

  • You are influenced by other people's strategies and ideas,

  • You invest in products and programmes others have told you you need but turn out to be no help,

  • You constantly think you need to change what you are doing because you aren't getting the results you want,

  • You pretend to be someone or something you are not because you think people will be more impressed (or at least won't run from the mess that feels like you)...

  • You are constantly beating yourself up, struggling to create the success you want, worried about... well, everything

If you recognise that you do any of these, it is a sign you don't know who you are and what the world wants from you.

Know who you are, beyond the level of your DNA, and stop wasting your time, money and energy on the things that'll never work for you!

Here's what some previous clients have said about the impact of what their fingerprint analyses revealed about them...

"Helen Elizabeth Evans' work is amazing. The stuff she teaches, and what you will learn about yourself through working with her, is so powerful! I have used much of what I learned about myself through Helen's analysis to guide my business decisions since, which means that I am running a business fully in line with who I am and not only that but I know that my clients benefit hugely - with the result that business is going from strength to strength."

Catherine Watkin

Selling From The Heart

"Helen is fantastic. I had my fingerprints analysed way back in 2012 and I keep coming back to what she shared with me (I listen back to the recording of our call all the time!). I gained such profound insight and it has been invaluable to my business!"

Yasmin Vorajee

Tiny Time, Big Results

"I love how Helen breaks down her fingerprint analysis into clear categories that are easy to understand, all of which apply directly to my business. Her analysis was totally accurate, and clarified a lot of things for me about how I have run a business in the past and the mistakes I've made (that I don't want to repeat). Helen's work is totally grounded. It's practical, it's useful, and it's vital information for every business person to know."

Holly Worton

The Business Mindset Podcast

Where else can you get this information about yourself and your business?

You may be wondering if you can get this information and these results from someone else or anywhere else... uh... no.  There are other profiling tools that will give you insights into yourself but those results are always influenced by the answers you choose on questionnaires.  Fingerprint Analysis is the only system I know of that is based on who you were designed to be 5 months before you were even born. No questions need answering. You don't even have to talk or even be in the same room with your analyst.

15 week foetus - the time our fingerprints form

There are other analysts available around the world, however, I introduced Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analysis to the UK in 2010 and am now known as the UK's No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst.

I've since gone on to combine this incredible tool with my 27+ years in business, both corporate and running my own businesses, my masters in neuro-linguistic programming and almost 50 years at the university of life, to take it from the most accurate personal profiling tool I've ever encountered to apply it for the use of developing your business based on who you fundamentally are beyond the level of your DNA (identical twins have identical DNA but different fingerprints).


It is now an incredibly powerful tool that will help you create a business that is a full expression of the best version of you, a business inspired and driven by your purpose. Understanding and implementing your Natural Brand into your business is the first level to you creating the perfect business for you, one based on what you are naturally successful at.

"The fingerprint analysis I had with Helen gave me a new perspective and understanding of myself, helping me to literally step into a softer, more powerful version of myself. It has shown me where I need to focus and pay more attention. This new found clarity is having an amazing impact on how I am creating and moving my business forward. When I stumble I always pull out my personal report, which quickly helps me to get back on track.  If only I knew when I first started out in business what I know now. This may sound like a cliche, however, having my analysis with Helen earlier would have saved me so much money, time and energy!"

Allison Marlowe

Founder of Global Winning Women

I might not be the right person for you...

The world would be a pretty boring place if we were all the same... And like you, I don't suit everyone. Thankfully!


I have a strong personality and distinctive style. The influence of my southern African upbringing has made me a direct, passionate speaker, who is regularly irreverent (a bit of a rule breaker).


I am definitely not perfect and don't always get things right... so if that is important to you, I am not the person for you!


However, I care deeply about you and helping you to achieve the purpose you feel called to fulfil, even if you haven't worked it out just yet. This means I also tend to "say it like it is"... hopefully with a bit of love thrown in.

"Helen is a very gifted, caring and insightful woman whose session was one of the most powerful I've had. It was very powerful to have someone see me and encourage me to embrace the rest of my life in the direction that I should be taking. Helen is also very friendly and approachable. As well as her insightful talents, she has a genuine care and affection for her clients, and I'd thoroughly recommend her."

Shay Allie

Barrister, Co-Founder of the Inspire'd Talks & Inspire'd Radio

"What I love about working with Helen is the way she says it like it is, upfront and matter-of-fact, but in such a way that I feel nurtured and empowered at the same time. The difference between Helen and most healers is that she is also very pragmatic. She can take theoretical ideas into a place and space beyond the mumbo jumbo to make them real and usable."

Sharon Hess

Transformative Business Mentor

Still keen to experience something completely different and specific to you, a simple system that'll help you choose where to focus for consistency in the delivery of your expertise and your marketing?




Okay, here is the summary of everything I've shared with you so far, as well as the practical details.



Saturday, 11th February 2017

9:30 am - 5.30 pm


London W14 , UK


Hands-on Small Group Workshop (Approx 10 people)


Difference-Makers with a solo or small business

Coaches, consultants, therapists, speakers, authors, trainers...



You'll create this checklist for your business during our day together using the results of the analysis of your fingerprints.


The checklist will include:

1. What you excel at naturally and effortlessly,
that the right clients will value and appreciate

2. What you need to consistently focus on during the delivery of your expertise, to provide the right clients with massive value

3. What the matching message is that you need to include in all your marketing, including how you show up in person

4. What you help your clients with, beyond your obvious expertise

5. The promise, essence and values of your Natural Brand.


Relax, think more clearly and take consistent, aligned action, as you'll be really clear on who & how you're serving

Make decisions faster and more easily, as you'll know exactly what's right for you and what isn't

Attract the right clients for you, the ones who'll love you & how you work, because your marketing will call out to them

Get the right clients for you who already know and like you to finally buy from you, because they now trust you

Be more creative and productive, thanks to the time and ease this clarity brings you.

Create trust with your ideal clients by having a consistent marketing message that matches how you show up in person, and how you deliver your expertise



Woo hoo! Right now you can get the Early Bird of £197

Ends Fri 3rd Feb

You can pay through your Paypal account or choose the Credit/ Debit Card option.
When prompted please supply your postal address so we can send out your hand printing kit.


To ensure you get the maximum benefit from attending this workshop here are some added bonuses that will be included:

1. Level 1 Analysis of Your OWN Fingerprints

What value would you put on the kind of clarity that

  • reduces your stress,

  • significantly increases your sense of wellbeing

  • sky rockets your self-confidence and

  • significantly improves your sales, consistently?


For me it's thousands of pounds!

2. Reference Manual & Workbook

Having the checklist will be the key everyday tool you use, but for those more complicated decisions and choices refer to the greater depth in your manual that will also have space for you to include your own notes from the workshop. Value £97.

I have found Helen's workbook to be exceptionally helpful. I am still refering to it years later!

Claire Terry
Author & Screenwriter

I have the workbook from Helen's workshop close to hand and am finding it a very useful tool for keeping me focused in the way forward. Also for those days when I feel like a headless chicken it is a great reminder that keeps me on track! Thank you, Helen!

Akasha Lonsdale
Speaker, Psychologist & Coach

3. Group Implementation Follow-Up Call

To support you in implementing your Natural Brand checklist criteria I will include a BONUS 60-minute phone call where you can bring your questions to me so there'll be nothing to stop you more than doubling your current results! Value £250.

4. Lunch

Events are not just about learning, they're also about the connections, collaborations and relationships you build there so to give you as much time together as possible and save you the stress of finding your own, lunch will be included. Value £25.

5. Refreshments in the Breaks

I want you to feel relaxed, be able to chat and feel taken care of so there will be water, coffee and tea plus some biscuits during the morning and afternoon breaks. Gluten free snacks and decaf coffee will also be available. Value £12.


The Early Bird goes away on February 3rd
Save money by acting now.

I am keeping the numbers low so it will sell out.

Don't miss out. Don't waste time. Decide it's for you or it isn't.
Trust yourself, if it feels right for you, then buy it now.

You can pay through your Paypal account or choose the Credit/ Debit Card option.
When prompted please supply your postal address so we can send out your handprinting kit.

Still not sure?  I understand. I like to double check everything too. It's important you know this is right for you before you join us.

This workshop is for you if you have a business you run from your home or a small business of five or less employees, and making a difference in the world is important to you.


It's ideal if you use your business to help people in some way.


You'll probably find it most useful if you have been running your business for a couple of years and have clients, but it all feels like a struggle rather than the fun it should be


If finding your life purpose and living it is also important to you then you'll definitely be in the right place, as this workshop is step one on your road to creating a business that is a full expression of your purpose and who you really are.

This workshop is right for you if you are the kind of person who wants:

A plan that isn't just for today, but is something you can use for years and years

To let go of unnecessary struggle, and create more success, fun and laughter

To do things your own way

So here is a reminder of your personal Trust Building Checklist will help you do:

You will be really clear and consistent about how you show up in person in social gatherings and when you are out representing your business,

You will be able to check each piece of marketing you do against your Natural Brand, ensuring a consistent and matching message that reflects who you are genuinely, and what you do naturally

You will be able to set clear expectations for your clients that you will meet effortlessly and thus what they will share with others about you will be consistent with what you promise.

This is important because people buy from you once they know, like and trust you.


Trust comes when people feel they can rely on you to be and do what they expect.


You set their expectations with how you market yourself and how you show up personally.


With your Trust Building Checklist you'll be able to brand your business to match who you naturally are, setting the same expectations however you show up, so ALL your ideal clients will feel safe about investing their time and money with you!

You can pay through your Paypal account or choose the Credit/ Debit Card option.
When prompted please supply your postal address so we can send out your handprinting kit.

Early Bird

Feb 3rd

Offer Ends

Stuff happens... so I'd like to offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

You may need to cancel. I get that.

So, if you cancel within 7 days of purchase you will receive a full refund, thereafter you'll receive a full refund less the expenses incurred sending out your hand printing kit.

If on the day of the workshop you decide the workshop is not for you, let me know by midday, return all materials given to you and you'll receive a full refund. No quibbling.

I can't wait to show you how to become fully congruent and visibly authentic in your business so you can begin to attract more clients you love and who love you and the work you do effortlessly... You will be taking the first step in turning your business into a personally fulfilling business that a full expression of your unique purpose and true nature.

Here's to your purpose, your success, your way!

Helen Elizabeth Evans

P.S. Read on to discover what my clients say about working with me...

"My expectations have been met and then some! An inspiring week-end. Highly recommended to find out what makes you tick and how you can make a bigger impact in the world your way. I want to explore this even further!" - Karen Williams, Librotas Book Mentor & Business Coach
"I loved the recent course I did with Helen. I have paid serious money to do this sort of work before and then come away feeling unsure and fuzzy about the way ahead, but I am leaving Helen's workshop feeling creatively inspired to put my plan into action and and take steps foward to my fulfilling career." - Michele Murray, Pure Hot Yoga
"The level of detail revealed through my fingerprints blew me away, and Helen's level of expertise in analysing and interpreting the information was incredible.  Helen clearly knows her stuff, and really helped me get clear on my Natural Brand. She was also attentive to questions and concerned to make sure that we had what we needed before we left at the end of the day." - Akasha Lonsdale, Psychologist & Coach
"Helen's analysis from my fingerprints was spot on! Even though I am already a confident woman, what Helen identified has made me a stronger person and it has changed the way I run my life and my business. Helen's presentation style was engaging, fun and very natural. She is confident and intuitive and can read people well. I highly recommend you work with Helen." - Jill Bennett, Arbonne Consultant
"Helen is fabulous! I don't think I have learnt so much about myself and my clients in years - worth every penny and every minute of my time.  It's a must for any savvy business woman who wants to take the next step. You get fantastic insights for your business as well as your life." - Carole Bozkurt, The Blueprint Practice
"Realising what was true about me and how to allow this to drive my business was empowering. This workshop made the puzzle pieces drop into place in many ways. Helen's openness and passion were inspirational." - Jo Wilson, Beyond NLP
I was a fellow student with Helen when she originally studied Scientific Hand Analysis (SHA), so I was fascinated to see what Helen was doing with what we learned, especially as I was feeling stagnant in my work. It was so much more than I was hoping for; so different to anyone else. It was so useful to see how I could guide my clients with their businesses using this system. I feel so inspired, motivated and clear about my work now. I loved the clear and structured way (with lots of bonuses) she presented the material. I love her clarity and the amazing, inspiring way she has of teaching. This was such a valuable experince for me and a great investment of my time and money. - Åshild Kristin Tilrem, Scientific Hand Analyst & Health Coach (Norway)
"Helen has a gift for getting you to look inside yourself for clarity in life and business. She has worked us very hard and we have had to dig deep, but I am leaving the day with answers to my current challenges, lots of ideas for moving forward, and much greater clarity, including what I need to re-energise myself when I feel a bit flat. Thank you, Helen!" - Helen Reynolds, Personal Stylist
"I feel completely blown away. Helen was able to pin point my personality traits and also tell me what my heart and soul need to live a happy fulfilled life. Helen's approach is so incredibly relaxed and fun. She has a 'tell it how it is' approach, but delivered with her delightful sense of humour making it so easy to take on." - Anne-Louise Harbutt, Intuitive Transformation Coach
"Helen is a master in her craft. She blew me away in her accuracy, compassion and truth. Her incredible gift has enabled me to understand my patterns of behavior, who I am and to focus on moving forwards towards my purpose I am so looking forward to continuing working with her." Deap Khambray, Ethical Value
"Having an analysis with Helen is one of the most powerful things I've ever invested in for myself and my business. I really recommend Helen's work. You'll know yourself and your right path so much better and things will come together gradually afterwards and will continue for years to come." - Rosemary Cunningham, Money Mindset Coach & Winning Women Regional Tribe Leader
"I wholeheartedly recommend Helen's services - they exceed every expectation, and she is a fabulous expert to collaborate with: highly intuitive, compassionate, warm and with an amazing energy about her that will open you up and make you step into your brilliance." - Martina Zorc, Outer Space Law Expert & Brand Consultant
"Helen's workshop has been one of the most enlightening experiences I have had to date; full of constant 'A-Ha' and 'Of course!' moments. So many things make sense as if a huge puzzle has come together - finally! The analysis has brought me such peace of mind. I am incredibly grateful to her for bringing so much clarity to my work - a huge warmest Thank You, Helen." - Kasia Kwiatkowska
"Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop on Saturday. It was truly astonishing and I came away with so many 'aha' moments and new insights to process that I know the effects will reverberate for years. I came away with so much more than I was looking for!" - Linda Anderson, Business Mentor
"Wow! During my life I have found only one other woman to totally blow me away - the medical intuitive, Carolyn Myss - and now, Helen Elizabeth Evans, is another amazing lady with knowledge, wisdom and deep insights. Great energy, drive and motivation. An amazing teacher who helped me gain great insight into what holds me back personally time and time again, and what I need to do to move forward. I highly recommend Helen." - Chris Bampton, The Tarot Table
"I've worked with Helen on a one-to-one basis in the past and been very impressed, so I came to this workshop hoping it would bring me clarity in the way the previous sessions had done. I was not disappointed. Helen's clear, direct approach extracted me from my thinking and it became clear as to which way I was going to target my new business and I've gone way with a number of fabulous questions that will help me fill out my business plan too.  Invaluable. Thanks, Helen."  - Linda Campling, HeartMath Trainer
"I signed up for Helen's workshop because I needed clarity as to what to focus on as I have too many things going on, too many obligations and responsibilities and lots of guilt. I am so glad I came today - it showed me that there are several ways out of the maze I find myself in at the moment. I understand myself so much better, like what gives me thrill, what blocks me etc. The step by step approach was really useful for me as when I get overwhelmed this is how I get back up again and keep going. I want to keep going on this path and believe that working with Helen is the 'speedy' way ahead. Thanks, Helen. I'll see you soon! :)" - Sylvia Kundrath
"I loved how Helen helped us to map out our businesses in such a creative way at her 'Create Your Purpose-Driven Business' workshop. Doing it this way preventing me getting stuck the way I usually do over what I'm marketing, my USP, my offers and my website. Loved her honesty and straight forward style. I'm planning to work with her further now." - Azmina Jiwa, Happiness Coach
"The 'Create Your Purpose-Driven Business Workshop' was such a creative process to business planning, focusing on specific elements of the business in such a different way. Coming away with my own visual business map was so inspiring. Great learning. Feeling excited about my message. I feel Helen really cares about my success. She was very happy to respond to specific questions and unclear areas, giving the full benefit of her experience, skills and insight." - Elizabeth Gordon, Accountant
"Inspiring and so insightful. I loved how Helen delivered the workshop and the way she made sure we each had a complete understanding of what she was teaching us. I particularly loved the business part of The 'Discover Your Soul Plan' workshop with Helen as it helped put my work into perspective, including how to attract new business and clients for me. Before I attended the workshop I was feeling lost, stuck and unable to move forward. Now I feel I have a new lease of life!" - Chrystal Atlantis, Shaman
"The best value of my time and money I have ever received in any workshop I've attended. I discovered my soul purpose! Helen is kind, fun, inspiring and a direct, guided teacher. Her sense of humour really breaks the ice between student and teacher. Excellent!" - Peggy Peganant, Tara Thai
"Helen makes the workshop flow, keeping you motivated to learn more in each session. It's fun and lively, involving all participants individually. I feel so uplifted. My expectations have been met and more..." Sandra Harnor
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