No matter where I go, whether it's through personal conversation, comments on social media or an email someone sends me, I keep hearing the same things being said over and over...

  • Reading all this negative stuff, the "if you don't buy this product, your life will go...

You may know your perfect clients, they may know you, they may even like you, so why aren't they buying from you?

Think about it for a moment.

Who do you know offering a service that you need, a person or company you already like either because you know them in person or...

You may fake it well on the surface, but I know you worry about whether you know enough, whether you are good enough, whether you are special enough, whether what you have to offer is valuable enough?

I know you worry about how much better 'everyone else' does things.


You're an entrepreneur, or at least a budding one. You may have read the books on the attributes of successful entrepreneurs and either try to emulate them or wonder if you'll ever be successful because you are so different.

The thing is, those typical attributes of suc...

We consistently seek answers from the outside world, to what is bothering us.

We think others know more than we do. They do, about themselves, not you.

If you want guidance that is completely and specifically about you and only you, look down at your hands.

In your hands...

Are you a planner? You know... goals, focus, detail.

Or are you more of a go with the flow person; you like to just see what happens and react accordingly?

I've tried both, initially both make me feel great but ultimately neither work for me.

(Stay with me I'll explain th...

Do you need to tell your potential clients you are authentic and operate with integrity, or is this harming how they perceive you now?

You know what you do makes a difference, it changes lives. You care. But doing business that way means you continuously put yourself 'on the line', which means that any criticisms, thoughtless comments or misunderstandings feel personal...

Still waiting for your clients to show up?

They will when you do!

What do I mean by that?

Clients look for the brightest lights and then go rushing towards them.

If you're hiding out in the shadows and playing small they're not going to see you.

If you've got your dimmer...

Recently someone asked me what key things I'd learned since I began my first business twenty years ago. It got me thinking!

Of course, I have a massive list of things I'd advise you not to do or to do when either starting or re-thinking your business, so to keep it shor...

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