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Honestly, I'm comfortable. I like my life. Why should I step up a level? What about you? Is it time you stepped up? Or perhaps you're comfortable where you are?

The thing is, when it's time to level up you can either step up and take on the challenge, or you can try to...

You may fake it well on the surface, but I know you worry about whether you know enough, whether you are good enough, whether you are special enough, whether what you have to offer is valuable enough?

I know you worry about how much better 'everyone else' does things.


Each of us have a calling within in us to express our uniqueness in this world, to do things our way, and yet most people I meet, at the very least, suppress this part of themselves in their effort to fit in and be liked.

The knock on effect is that we become less engag...

We consistently seek answers from the outside world, to what is bothering us.

We think others know more than we do. They do, about themselves, not you.

If you want guidance that is completely and specifically about you and only you, look down at your hands.

In your hands...

So you think what you do with your life doesn't matter; it's your life so if you make a difference it's your choice, and if you do very little and simply live to exist and get through your life that's your choice too?

You know, that is true. It is your choice. However,...

To get that sense of satisfaction that comes from living or fulfilling your Life Purpose you need to grasp one major fact:

The first step in experiencing the sense of meaning that comes from living Your Life Purpose is to fully express your true self, regardless of anyo...

If you're anything like me and most of the people I know, you are struggling with all sorts of overwhelm. It may be information overload, not knowing where to look for all the visual stimulation, excessive noise or simply too much choice.

Somehow even in your quiet, pea...

You don't. The truth is many people get through their lives fairly happily without ever finding out what their true Life Purpose is.

My father, Jack, is one example. He lived a full life he enjoyed until his health deteriorated. He died two months before his 95th birthd...

Ever gone chasing after what you love only to find yourself losing interest in it after a while, thinking "...this isn't what I expected. Where's the fun?"

The problem with not knowing your Life Purpose, what truly fulfils and satisfies you at your deepest level, is tha...

Purpose is our focus, our intention, our reason to do something or act a certain way.

When we seek purpose in our lives, we are usually looking for

~ clarity or guidance on our life's direction

~ a reason for our existence that can guide our actions, so we can act with su...

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