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You're leaving holes in the World Tapestry

So you think what you do with your life doesn't matter; it's your life so if you make a difference it's your choice, and if you do very little and simply live to exist and get through your life that's your choice too?

You know, that is true. It is your choice. However, I think there is something you need to know... what you do has a ripple effect, first on those around you and then as they're affected so they affect others and so on.

If you want to wallow in your "I'm not good enough", "I'm not special enough", "I'm not worthy" or any other story you tell yourself, then you are teaching those around you that it's okay to feel that way. And so you perpetuate those beliefs and stories to everyone around you and they wallow with you and the world just gets worse. Take a stand. It doesn't have to be a big one.

Let me give you a different way of understanding how you are impacting everyone else... imagine that the threads of each of our lives on this world inter-weave creating a constantly changing tapestry that reflects the state of our world. There is a grand vision for this tapestry, of what it could be, and you have been born to add at least one thread to to that grand vision.

Your life matters. You have a purpose, an intention for your life even if right now it may seem hidden from you, and when you ignore it you leave gaps in everyone's lives, especially those you are naturally designed to assist.

Look at how the threads in the picture above rest on one another. When you're not weaving in your thread(s) it means the people who are supposed to weave their threads above yours have nowhere to rest their threads, and the tapestry becomes weaker, messy with unintended gaps and loose threads.

As long as you continue to believe you are small, ignore your gifts, suppress your fundamental nature, follow other people's ideas of what you should be doing and ignore your inner voice, the few of the us who are trying to weave our threads have to work so much harder to create a strong, supportive, rich and colourful world.​

We are each responsible for finding the courage to be our true selves, the brightest, most loving version of ourselves, acting in alignment with our purpose, changing the world in our own way through the use of our gifts, talents, experience and heart. It's okay not to have it sorted, as long as we are continually making small steps forward, even if that is only in learning to love ourselves unconditionally.

If we each do our small bit, the world we want to create will come to be so much more quickly with a strong base on which the new threads being born can weave their lives.

For the sake of each one of us, please be you, please be brave, please share your gifts with us and please, please stand up for what you believe in. We all need you.


I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment to share the personal a-ha's this article has raised for you, and what you are going to do differently as a result, in the comments below.


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Also, there are a number of live video recordings on the Hands-on-Business Facebook page where I go into greater detail about different aspects of your life purpose, showing up, your business and what is in your hands and fingerprints.


I'm Helen Elizabeth Evans, a London based life purpose coach and consultant. I work with women in business (and open-minded men!) to powerfully awaken their life purpose work, using a unique combination of scientific hand and fingerprint analysis, deep intuitive skills and practical business acumen running my own businesses for the last 21 years.

I'd love to start a conversation about whether we're a good fit to work together. Simply use this link to arrange an informal chat. There's no hard sell. Just a warm, down-to-earth conversation and a straight forward, honest assessment of whether working with me would be right for you.


I have been running my own businesses from a home office since 1996 and am passionate about business being the vehicle for our freedom. I am also deeply passionate about us each having a purpose on this planet and it's my job to help you find and live yours. I am known as the UK's No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst as I introduced the system to the UK in 2010. It is the most accurate profiling tool I have encountered. I also have a masters in NLP and have studied astrology and psychology for years - getting your mind to work for you rather than against you!

My clients tell me I am a powerful kick-starter for their purpose, helping them clarify their focus and create an inspired vision aligned with their purpose. They describe me as a highly intuitive, deeply powerful, passionate, authentic and an extremely practical truth teller who makes them laugh, feel safe and free to be their true selves. I help them discover who they really are, find their true purpose, give them a spiritual blueprint for their life expression and help them create a business that is based on their life purpose, so that they can live happy, fulfilled lives without feeling like its all a struggle or just hum drum.


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