For what, you may ask.

Before I answer that, ask yourself, "Right now, what am I ready for?"

I used to be an athlete at school. I remember that feeling just before I started to run or swim a race, just before I took off on my run for the high jump or long jump....

Keeping your inner rebel hidden for so long may have worked for you so far. Perhaps it's kept you safe. Perhaps it's meant you are well liked. Perhaps it's meant you get on well with your family and have a lovely life you're very happy with.


A rebel is someone who does not like to conform and is openly anti-authority or being told what to do.

A hidden rebel is also very independent-minded but usually dislikes conflict, likes to be liked and so appears to conform on the outside. It's easier.

Do you rec...

Sometimes it's hard to be yourself in this world.

My earliest memory is one of wonder. Like all babies I liked my toes, and then when they were encased in a pair of baby sandals where each strap was a different colour, I was riveted. So impressed was I by these fabulous...

Do you ever sit there and quietly freak out about what might happen in your future? What if what you really worry about comes true?

The Universe and everything in it loves balance. Look at the planets how they orbit around a sun through the balance of their gravitational pulls.

Our bodies are universes in themselves consistently striving for balance, aka health. The same with the Earth; when the ic...

Are you a planner? You know... goals, focus, detail.

Or are you more of a go with the flow person; you like to just see what happens and react accordingly?

I've tried both, initially both make me feel great but ultimately neither work for me.

(Stay with me I'll explain th...

Discover three key advantages to being yourself, doing things your way and following your own path, and the negative impact if you don't do that.

Do you need to tell your potential clients you are authentic and operate with integrity, or is this harming how they perceive you now?

You know what you do makes a difference, it changes lives. You care. But doing business that way means you continuously put yourself 'on the line', which means that any criticisms, thoughtless comments or misunderstandings feel personal...

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