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Don't Label Me

Scientific Hand and Fingerprint Analysis with Helen Elizabeth Evans

Oops! That's a bit forthright... but honestly it gets a bit boring.

Yep, when you label me according to your definition of what I do without bothering to find out more, then you're conforming, fitting in, doing what everyone else does.

If you want to stand out then do things differently. Notice people differently. Don't label them according to your limited definition of the world (we all have limited definitions, we just need to be conscious of them), be open to the fact they may have something that will change how you view your own life, possibilities and challenges.

I use scientific hand and fingerprint analysis in the work I do with my clients. Just because you might not know what it is, nor the value it provides; just because it is not a mainstream tool you are familiar with, does not mean the work I do is worthy of your dismissal or distain.

I am not a palmist. I am not a palm reader. Those are worthy professions for those who are gifted with that skill, but that isn't what I do. I am a hand analyst. I practice a form of hand analysis that is teachable, repeatable and non-predictive. It is the most accurate and the only objective personal profiling tool I've encountered.

In the same way that chiropractors were not valued by health professionals originally, and now have become quite mainstream, I believe that hand analysis will become mainstream in years to come, so don't be one of the laggards and late majority who avoid or dismiss anything they don't already know about, be one of the innovators and early adopters who approach new things with an open mind.

Yes, hand analysis also has a spiritual element to it. This does not mean that I don't have my feet firmly planted in the real, practical world. Actually hand analysis is a powerful bridge between the reality of who we are physically and how our brains are designed to function, the innate challenges and gifts in our personality and the metaphysical world of soul plans, life purpose, life lessons, spiritual beliefs and inspired living.

So, my point is that when you hear what I do and then immediately dismiss me as one of those nutters, weirdos, woo woo types or whatever else you tend to define people who use unusual tools to do the work we do, then you are limiting your own horizons. You are conforming to mainstream thinking, which may make you feel right and safe, but doesn't actually mean you are right.

There is enough closed thinking in this world that results in too many forms of unkindness please don't add to it.

If you've read this far, thank you for hearing me, and if you have a business that uses an unusual tool to get results for your clients then hopefully this article was written for you too.

To lead, you have to be first. This means you'll often be doing things that others don't agree with or admire, but you need to stick with what you belief is true and right.


Suzy Greaves, editor of Psychologies magazine and author of The Big Peace, said: "I find Helen’s work absolutely fascinating. I was quite sceptical at first but then the insights she gave me were astounding. In fact, two years on, I still have my vision board, inspired by her analysis, pinned to my office wall!"

Michelle Graham, a soil scientist by profession and now an inspiring community leader and coach, said this: "I’d met Helen at a conference and she’d given me a quick taster of what she was able to do, and in just 5 minutes she pinpointed so much truth about where I was at and where I wanted to go that I knew I wanted to find out more. The detail that Helen was able to share blew me away, and I’m still processing and learning more about everything we discussed in the analysis some 5 months later!"

Shay Allie, a barrister, said this: "Helen Elizabeth gave me one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had. She explained things to me that deep down I know to be true, but am afraid to admit to myself at times. It was very powerful to have someone see those things and to encourage me to embrace the rest of my life in the direction that I should be taking. Helen Elizabeth is a very gifted, caring & insightful woman. She is also very friendly & approachable and a genuine care & affection for her clients. I'd thoroughly recommend her."


I love reading your feedback so please do take a moment in the comments below to share your thoughts.


Best place to find out more is to explore my blogs or check-out the live videos I post on

on the Hands-on-Business Facebook page where I go into greater detail about different aspects of your life purpose, showing up, your business and what is in your hands and fingerprints. Join me LIVE on Wednesday at 6.00 pm London time.

Or... simply book in an informal chat with me so I can point you in the right direction to find out what you're most interested in.


There are two things I can help you with: your business and your right path, the one that'll make you feel happy and fulfilled. You can find out more here.

If you already know you want to talk to me, click here to arrange an informal chat. There's no hard sell. Just a warm, down-to-earth conversation and a straight forward, honest assessment of whether working with me would be right for you.

Work with Helen Elizabeth Evans


I have been running my own businesses from a home office since 1996 and am passionate about business being the vehicle for our freedom.

So I now work with conscious business owners, hidden rebels and difference makers, leaders in the making, who want a thriving business doing things their own unique way.

I help them get clarity about the right direction for them, how to position the value of their unique brilliance and standout from the crowd, comfortably.

I am also deeply passionate about us each having a purpose on this planet and it's my job to help you find and live yours.

I am known as the UK's No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst as I introduced the system to the UK in 2010. It is the most accurate profiling tool I have encountered. I also have a masters in NLP and have studied astrology and psychology for years - getting your mind to work for you rather than against you!

My clients tell me I am a powerful catalyst for putting them on their right path, helping them clarify their focus and create an inspired vision aligned with their purpose.

They describe me as a highly intuitive, deeply powerful, passionate, authentic and an extremely practical truth teller who makes them laugh, feel safe and free to be their true selves.

I help them discover who they really are, find their true purpose, give them a spiritual blueprint for their life expression and help them create a business that is based on their life purpose, so that they can live happy, fulfilled lives without feeling like its all a struggle or just hum drum.


If you're not  ready to talk to me in person then join my email list to keep in touch, find out when and where I'll be sharing new free content, and how you can work with me when you're ready. 

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