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Let Your Hidden Rebel Out

Keeping your inner rebel hidden for so long may have worked for you so far. Perhaps it's kept you safe. Perhaps it's meant you are well liked. Perhaps it's meant you get on well with your family and have a lovely life you're very happy with.

Hmmm... I somehow doubt that.

If you've pulled that off without any self-sabotaging hitches then kudos to you, but it's more likely you either aren't a rebel deep down, or you're living in la la land about how perfectly it's all gone.

Now let's get back to reality...

The truth is that you probably feel as if the core of who you are is buried somewhere so deep down you don't really know who you are any more, nor are you clear on what you want. You're filled with self-doubt and are probably avoiding making choices or decisions as long as you can.

The knock on effect of this is that you don't feel fully present in your life, you go along with whatever is put in front of you but you don't choose your own path, you've kind of fallen onto the path you're currently on and have no idea how to do anything differently.

When you suppress your greatest power, your rebel, your inner leader, then a life that is dictated by circumstances and those around you is inevitable. You'll also find your rebel will come out in ways you have less control over as they are sub-consciously driven and you may not even be conscious of them, like passive-aggressive behaviour, irritation with those around you, being subtly manipulative just for the sake of it and self-sabotaging behaviour that is the result of you rebelling against yourself!

Let your rebel come out to play!

I am not suggesting you suddenly become a maverick, rebelling against everything in sight. That isn't who you are and doing that would never be true to your nature.

You aren't a rebel for the sake of rebelling, you're probably kind and considerate, but you're also someone who knows deep down that the rules you're being asked to follow, as commonly accepted as they may be, don't make sense; they're wrong, they're out of alignment with who you are and how you believe the world should work.

Your rebel is your compass. Your rebel is your inner truth trying to show itself. Listen up!

Your hidden rebel is your inner power, your drive. It'll power you through challenges you face if you allow it to. It'll blast through the nay sayers and give you clarity on how you are here to lead. It'll give you the strength to lead too.

Sure, it won't always be pretty. It may involve some conflict, but you're a decent, intelligent person, you'll find a way to be gentle in your approach and get things done the way your rebel is asking you to without wrecking everything else in your life. Trust yourself.

Just let it be your guide and your strength.

There's a reason why it resides in you. You have exactly the personality you need to do the real work you are here to do. Let your hidden rebel come out.


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I have been running my own businesses from a home office since 1996 and am convinced that business is the vehicle for not only our freedom, but for the expression of our life purpose as well.

I work with conscious business owners, hidden rebels and difference makers that are leaders in the making, and who want a thriving business doing things their own unique way.

I help them get a deeper clarity about what the right direction is for them, how to position the value of their unique brilliance and standout from the crowd, comfortably.

I am also deeply passionate about us each having a purpose on this planet and it's my job to help you find and live yours.

I am known as the UK's No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst as I introduced the system to the UK in 2010. It is the most accurate profiling tool I have encountered. I also have a masters in NLP and have studied astrology and psychology for years - getting your mind to work for you rather than against you!

My clients tell me I am a powerful catalyst for putting them on their right path, helping them clarify their focus and create an inspired vision aligned with their purpose.

They describe me as a highly intuitive, deeply powerful, passionate, authentic and an extremely practicaltruth teller who makes them laugh, feel safe and free to be their true selves.

I help them discover who they really are, find their true purpose, give them a spiritual blueprint for their life expression and help them create a business that is based on their life purpose, so that they can live happy, fulfilled lives without feeling like its all a struggle or just hum drum.


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